Why I Do What I Do

  • An old timer once told me that if you believe in nothing than that’s exactly what you end up with.

    He said that shit to me when I was at the lowest point in my life. Regardless why he said those words to me, or what he might have meant by them, I know how I took it. Shit forced me to re-evaluate why I was in jail in the first place. Yeah, those words helped me to never give up.

    My man, Viejo said it the best, he said, “A muthafucka like you could never be held back. The system gives you life in fucking jail, and what do you do? You turn jail into an enterprise that ends up setting you free.” But that story starts much later in my life. This story is about the street.

    It’s crazy, but street law tells it all. You make the bitch number one in your life, follow her rules, and she will provide for you; just never give up on her. I didn’t, no matter what I thought might have went wrong. The street will always be my number one.

    You will get to know me. Some may see me as a foul mutha fucka and some may say I’m official. It all depends on how cold the blood is that runs through your veins.

    Not that I give a fuck how any of y’all feel; I am 100% official hard body street Boss. The illest that ever did it, straight like that. So call me what you want as long as you recognize my loyalty to the street. But before you consider me the foulest, remember, I got a cold heart, but ain’t nothin’ as cold as the concrete in February.