The Paramour

  • Felicia Callun was an adolescent when a common cold changed her life forever. It began with a fit of coughing that led to her first trembled self-induced orgasm. Mercifully out of school and home alone when she was gripped by this scatological quaking within, it caused her to tuck into a trembling ball atop the recliner, arms wrapping her shins, curling her toes, and setting every muscle in tight flex…
    Abnormal Sexuality:
    Aggressive burden of compulsion. A deep burning incessant crave. A very dangerous defect, both physically and psychologically. A connection to the soul, and its careening, uncontrolled collisions with the flesh, leaves a shackled will. It conquers restraint as pulsations effect every nerve ending, with climatic sedation a sole power to rest its quiver. Addiction takes this natural god given bliss and alters it with an evil that rolls endlessly within the core of
    The nymphomaniac…..
    …..Though in truth, the psychological effects of this abnormality, especially in its extreme, can be manifested as early in life as the squirming, crying infant whose pulsations can rend unending until the effects typically lead to coronary, or more properly known as: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Though there are several causes of this syndrome, the study of glandular abnormality has paved a path to such beginnings, and on through to objectionable childhood behavior. Manifestations can be as drastic as sought exorcism for children’s unexplained nature when stricken with prolonged outbursts that suddenly halt into the sightless halcyon of mental breakdown. What’s called: The Jekyll and Hyde effect.
    One identified and thoroughly researched, medicinal concoctions have been remedied in proscribed dosage to numb the senses, to keep in abeyance this glandular over development. Then, necessary psychiatric observation of a subject can be ascertained early on to prepare the inflicted for the obsessive physical crave of which their lives will be rendered. Unfortunately, at this juncture, identifiable signs can only be recognized by symptoms exposed. And as a child develops the natural skills of manipulation a secrecy during the age of adolescence it can be impossible to pinpoint. So when this nuero-abnormality becomes over developed at such age or later in life, it will usually go unaided until life dictates that a subject self-commits.