The Paramour

  • Felicia Callun was an adolescent when a common cold changed her life forever. It began with a fit of coughing that led to her first trembled self-induced orgasm. Mercifully out of school and home alone when she was gripped by this scatological quaking within, it caused her to tuck into a trembling ball atop the recliner, arms wrapping her shins, curling her toes, and setting every muscle in tight flex…
    Abnormal Sexuality:
    Aggressive burden of compulsion. A deep burning incessant crave. A very dangerous defect, both physically and psychologically. A connection to the soul, and its careening, uncontrolled collisions with the flesh, leaves a shackled will. It conquers restraint as pulsations effect every nerve ending, with climatic sedation a sole power to rest its quiver. Addiction takes this natural god given bliss and alters it with an evil that rolls endlessly within the core of
    The nymphomaniac…..