Joey the roo's

  • America was built on a foundation of diversity and it all begins in
    the classroom. Kindergarten is where our babies begin to see the
    world beyond the shelter of home and family. That first day is the
    most important day of a child's life up to that point, and parents
    want to make sure that their child is prepared for this grand event.
    "The Learning Tree? is a window into a world of diversity our
    children will be able to identify. Then when they are off to school
    for the first time the memory of their lessons within the pages of
    this series will not only bring them comfort as they begin a new
    stage of life, but they will also develop the skill of empathy as they
    recognize that all children will encounter the same experiences
    that they do . This common ground will be their bond.
    The association of animals and children is to allow your child to
    grasp the reality of differences within two overall families of life.
    Your child will see small animals look to their mothers and fathers
    for guidance, As she or he reads "The Learning Tree" time and
    again each child will see themselves not only as those very animals
    who are brave enough to experience school for the first time but
    also the children.