Fancy the fawn

  • Today's children bring with them a new richness of diversity. And when each
    individual child is introduced to their environment through school, they become
    introduced to that richness. With every smile that shines bright, every mind that
    craves knowledge, our children's natural curiosity calls for wonder. Allow them a
    window into the human family with;
    "The Learning Tree." This installment, as well as the complete series, will take the
    imagination of every child and offer understanding of the vast similarities which lie
    just beneath what we see as different.
    Each child's smile could light up a room, each child's potential can soar into the stars.
    "The Learning Tree" offers an important glimpse for all children who are ready to
    begin their academic journey. The message and illustrations within these pages
    bring alive the beauty of diversity.
    We invite you into our family, where brilliance and joy instill in us all the readiness to
    face every new wonder. For our children, this wonder begins when they first become
    curious about all the new faces. So, parents, join us in this journey, and read along
    with your children, Let us all read along, page after page of "The Learning Tree."
    Marvel at the luminous visuals and genuine curiosity in the faces of each vivid
    charter both animal and child.
    We all remember our first experiences with school and the faces that looked
    different from those we were familiar with. Allow these pages to gently bring
    familiarity to our children, so they will be prepared when they are ready to begin
    their "first day of classes.
    Welcome to "The Learning Tree."