Draw Part 3 - Epic Ending

  • The Game has changed the New Generation of street rulers have emerged demeaning Yonkers as Gun Town. As the predecessor’s reign is handed down there is another element coming up in the ranks, and there scream of beware in the hood goes unheeded leading into a new war. Can anyone escape the deep roots embedded within this concrete jungle where predator and prey revolves around power, opportunity, and willingness to destroy. The title `King Pin’ was handed down to Mert with strings attached. Strings that are razor blade thin made to sever bonds amongst those close. When the shady truth of Pharaoh’s demise comes to light retribution is coupled with a hidden agenda. Just when the originators thought they made it out their past brings them right back. This time the danger is more personal more treacherous much more deadly.
    In the land of the free the sin of the drug game hold infinite consequence and in the end all that’s left is those who draw, but who will be standing when the gun smoke clears?