• A betrayed kingpin, an unsuccessful hit, a hustler’s life altered forever, but does a new life mean safety? And what about the lives affected? What about the son who grows up with the memories of the nightmare? The nightmare of being stripped of those who made life possible and the memory of the face responsible. What does he do when years later he crosses paths with the face from his nightmare? What would you do if you were the only one who knew the truth and had all the opportunity….But the stakes were high, the wrong choice could cost everything. To face the vengeance can cost you your life to walk away could cost you your sanity but the decision must be made. In a life of silence madness the only evident truth is that it’s a hard price to pay. Cedric is a hustler who betrayed a kingpin. When a hit leaves his son injured and the mother of his child dead, he finds that his only opportunity is to turn states evidence and get a new identity for him and those that he love. His son grows disassociated with the memories of losing his mother leaving the only life he’d even known and the face of the man responsible. But when his father also gets murdered and the son falls into a potential lifelong depression filled with violence and more death with inevitably ends with him in prison, but not before starting a family of his own. Prison’s lessons teaches, love of his new family helps the man find joy in the days ahead. Everything will be okay until he comes face to face with the man responsible for the murder of his parents. Price, the fallen kingpin doesn’t remember the boy who is now a man and with a new identity there is nothing to trigger the link, but the stranger knows him. The dedication is the most important ever in life torn and mended then torn again. Avenge his old family give up his life or walk away and live life with a new family.
    Or is there another choice?
    A Hard Price To Pay takes you through the repercussions of the hustle and the demons of the past. It is street, prison, and family life with one man’s connection to all three worlds. It is a book that will make any ask himself over and over again….What would I have done?