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Why I Do What I Do

Disturbed……When life’s ugly truths are revealed from the first breath, what room is there for sanity?


Detached……With everything taken from her, where does emotion fit? What does it mean?

Apathetic…..When it’s toward self what power exists to crumble its walls?

She came from nowhere. What chance is there for her when the diagnosis category is psychopathy? Irene(Nena) was born into destitution raised as a product of the state. Her understanding of life was in contention of the hopeless. Her indoctrinated eyes saw normalcy in asylum. Now released into an unforgiving world, can she persevere? 

As her life heads into a shadowed path of indifference, betrayal, and malicious intent. What would become of Nena? When each obstacle is greater than the last can this god forsaken soul endure? Cursed with loss yet blessed with inner strength where is the crossroad? No Where Girl is an emotional ride into a life of tribulation and the woman who would never give up on living.

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